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Helping You build wealth in the new digital era

The New Professionals hosts both live and online educational events to help you build wealth in the new digital era. Please note that we only share information on projects where we ourselves are participating in, where we have first-hand experience of the benefits. 

If you cannot attend one of our free live events find out more information about our projects below: 

Earn Daily rewards
from blockchain

Discover How To Earn 0.3% Daily Rewards From The World’s Most Comprehensive Digital Finance Ecosystem
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Get Passive Daily Rewards

Min 0.3% Per Day Up to x4 The Value Of Your Membership

Pre-Market Opportunities

Early Pre-Sale Offers On New Projects

Education On Blockchain

Learn About, Cryptocurrency, DeFi, NFT's & the Metaverse

Help Build Our Community

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What Is Tether (USDT)?

Tether (USDT) is a stablecoin, i.e. a crypto currency which is pegged (tethered) 1 to 1 with the US Dollar. The Digital Financial Ecosystem discussed above can only be via entered by an exchanging Tether.  To buy Tether you need to open an account with a crypto currency exchange. Some crypto currency exchanges allow you to exchange fiat money for crypto currency as well as exchange one crypto currency for another.

There are many good exchanges to choose from and most list Tether, however for ease of use, accessibility of support, simplicity and excellent security, you might want to look at the Dacxi exchange. 

Daxci does not currently support deposits in US dollars so if you need to use US dollars you may wish to consider opening a different exchange account such as Coinbase  which you can join here.

How Open A Dacxi Account & Buy Tether

To open a Dacxi account use this link

Select GLOBAL (unless you live in Australia)

If you need to open a Corporate account select the account type and follow instructions here

For a Personal account and follow the steps below

  • Step 1 – Fill out your email address and password as prompted.
  • Step 2 – Read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy then check the box to agree.
  • Step 3 – Click on the Signup button.
  • Step 4 – You will be taken to a ‘Successful Registration’ page as below which will advise you to check your email for your Activation Link from Dacxi;
  • Step 5 – The email below may arrive in your inbox, spam, junk mail, other, or promotions.
    The Activation email usually comes through immediately, however please allow a couple of hours in case the network might be congested. The link expires in a couple of days.
  • Step 7 – When you click ‘Confirm my email address’ you will be taken to the login screen and will be ready to verify your account. (Check the instructions on how to verify your account)
  • Step 8 – Go to My Wallets > scroll down to British Pound (or Euro) > Deposit – and follow the instructions to deposit the amount of GBP/EUR that you want to use to buy Tether.  Go to ‘Buy & Sell’ > Coins > scroll select ‘Tether’ > click ‘Buy Now’ > select GBP/EUR Wallet and amount and you will see exactly how much Tether you will get – click Buy Tether.


Build Your Crypto Wealth
With Bundles

If you are looking to build a portfolio of digital assets there can be no better way of doing this than with a Bundle from Dacxi. Bundles allow you to diversify into a specific range of carefully selected digital assets each time you make a purchase, thus spreading risk and expanding your growth opportunities.

Blue Chip Bundle

simple and smart way to buy the biggest cryptos on the block.

The Blue Chip Bundle is a simple and smart way to buy the biggest cryptos on the block. These are the crypto-currencies that all the world’s major financial institutions have their eyes on. And together in our Blue Chip Bundle, they’re the world’s number 1 solution for the budding crypto wealth builder – performing 100% better than a Bitcoin-only portfolio.

  • Made up of 50% Bitcoin, 20% Ethereum, 10% Litecoin, 20% Dacxi Coin
  • Get the reduced risk of a more diversified portfolio
  • You can sell any of your Blue Chip coins individually at any time
  • Just set an amount automatically buy your coins based on a fixed proven ratio

Blue Ocean Bundle

This option brings together the best of the best, so you can make the most of this fast-growing market.

In the business world, the term ‘Blue Ocean’ describes a new market with little competition and huge innovation potential. That’s what this Bundle is all about. It’s a smart and simple way to diversify your crypto portfolio, with innovative coins that are leading the charge in this new blockchain-driven world. Don’t miss the wave – dive in today

  • Made up of 30% Polkadot, 30% Chainlink, 20% Stellar, 20% Dacxi Coin
  • Get the reduced risk of a more diversified portfolio
  • You can sell any of your Blue Ocean coins individually at any time
  • Just set an amount and automatically buy your coins based on a fixed proven ratio

Precious Metals Bundle

Precious Metals Bundle is number 1 in crypto wealth protection.

Precious metals have been a firm favourite of investors for centuries, and we’re not just talking gold. This bundle is number 1 in crypto wealth protection. With gold, silver, and platinum digital Precious Metal tokens, this bundle is a great way to build a higher-performing portfolio, with a reduced risk.

  • Includes the world’s three leading Precious Metals; 60% gold, 15% silver, and 5% platinum
  • PLUS 20% Dacxi Coin
  • Just set an amount automatically buy your coins based on a fixed proven ratio