Global Change - Unique Opportunities

The world of work is rapidly changing. In what is now being called the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, new technologies are driving us toward the loss of millions jobs. The use of robots and artificial intelligence continue to substitute the human factor in both low to medium skilled jobs and in jobs that require personal contact.  

The World Bank estimates that the increase in automation will put at risk almost 57% of jobs in OECD countries, 47% of jobs in the United States, and 77% of jobs in China.

In addition, the income inequality gap is widening. Today, global income inequality is at very high levels with the richest 8% of the world’s population earning half of the world’s total income and the remaining 92% of people the other half. Today, 767 million people live below the poverty line (less than $1.90 per day). The rapid evolution of technology and the subsequent job losses may worsen this situation driving more people into unemployment and poverty across the world.

The World is Changing

At the same time, blockchain-based technologies, which are amongst the key drivers of technological change, are providing the platform for the move towards decentralized finance (DeFi). This has the potential to usher in the greatest era of wealth transfer in human history – the transfer of wealth from the hands of the few to the many, creating a more equitable world.

At The New Professionals we are welcoming new members from all over the world and we are excited to contribute to genuine wealth redistribution as we deliver education about the unique opportunities arising to participate in the  blockchain and digital economy space. We invite you to join our community of members who are building life-changing wealth, and helping others to do the same.